It’s a heart issue and a hope issue, NOT a behavioral issue. My organization seeks to attack the issue at the root and provide a healthy environment for new seeds of hope to spring up, regardless of the ground they originated. Meet Me at The Crossroads is a faith-based organization that believes that being connected to God brings hope, joy, peace, direction, and purpose.

Supporting evidence as to why I believe the condition of humanity qualifies as a chronic disease: Chronic – persisting for a long time / constantly recurring. This describes the cycle of miseducation and / or lack of proper nurturing. It also relates to the poor / broken communication between adult to child and peer to peer. In relating to a problem chronic means difficult to eradicate. Many have said the youth are a loss cause and the problem is too far gone to fix.

Disease – a disorder of structure, a particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people. I believe this definition is self-explanatory, the youth crisis affects us all now and in the future. The emotional and mental health of our young people has been damaged and it is affecting them individually and indirectly spilling over into society. It is our responsibility to intervene and provide a platform for change.