Finding Mr Right After Several Mr Wrongs

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A journey through my relationships from my first love to my husband and the heartbreaks and lessons I learned along the way.

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12 reviews for Finding Mr Right After Several Mr Wrongs

  1. Harold Anderson

    I am very proud of my wife, she is very special.

  2. Pat

    I like finding Mr. Right as well. It was short but truthful and straight to the point. You were determined not to be alone in this world. Coodose to you. I hope you really did find Mr. Right.

  3. Vivi

    I thought your last book was good, but Finding Mr Right was excellent. You are amazing. This book will be very, very helpful to some young Women trying to find their way, an a eye opener to the elders that can understand where they went wrong, I’m so proud of you. I love you dearly sister, you are such an honor To Our family, I learn something New about myself every Sunday. Thank you for being you, cant wait for the next book, God Has Truly blessed you.

  4. Moses Anderson

    Great Job, You are a talented author


    Your writing is insightful and touches the heart. Your journey to a successful marriage demonstrates to me God’s grace and HIs love for believers in His words.

  6. Zelda Kirk

    Congratulations on your new book it was fantastic

  7. Crystal Jones

    A definite good read. Gives women plenty to think about when it it comes to dating & relationships.

  8. Marcy Mcfadden

    “Finding Mr. Right After Several Mr. Wrongs” is a must read. You may say “I am happily married”, why do I need this book?
    Simply put this book is an effective tool in ministering to singles. In addition to that, you will be blessed by Diane’s testimony. You will surely be able to identify with some parts if not all of Diane’s story. This book will keep you engaged ,encouraged, and empowered. I was so blessed by this book, that I decided to bless someone else with a copy.
    You will not regret your purchase!

  9. Heidi Mercado

    This book here is sure to transform your entire perspective on life and more specifically It will allow you to reanalyze the people in your circle. I recommend this book to every woman who has been hurt or abused.

  10. Pache Felton

    What a great read! This book will cause you to think about how IMPORTANT the right RELATIONSHIP is and how that relationship can transform your life. Great job Diane!

  11. Elaine Sanders

    This book will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more! Thank you, for sharing your story To encourage others.

  12. Katrina Vandiver

    I could not put this book down! I finished it in a few hours. It made me laugh and cry and purchase four more to send to family. Great life lessons and wisdom. A must buy!! Five stars !!

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