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Meet Me At The Crossroads


Meet Me at The Crossroads mission is to promote educational and economic equity and social justice for marginalized people. We believe everyone can change when given the proper support and resources. Mental health and emotional wellness are the first steps towards this process. Our two-fold MISSION is to provide mental health services and practical resources to youth and Veterans. 

For THE YOUTH, we provide a safe environment for them to learn applicable life skills to promote self-regulation to successfully navigate through life challenges. We use evidence- based, trauma-informed counseling techniques, lived experiences, and biblical principles to assist in the process of dealing with life traumas that have impacted their mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being 

For THE VETERANS, we assist service men and women to access services after active duty. Through active listening and motivational Interviewing, we help veterans uncover intrinsic motivators, causing them to believe in the process of change and offer hope for a brighter tomorrow. We guide mapping out the steps necessary to achieve self-identified goals, developing a plan of action, and working through discrepancies as they arise. 

We facilitate Dynamic, Empowering, Interactive Workshops. The topic areas are Healthy Relationships, Seif-Love/Self-Care, Pride, Forgiveness, Trust/Control, Communication, Peer Pressure, Marriage, Divorce, Rejection, isolation, Fear, Depression, Abuse, Addiction/Recovery, Domestic Violence, Mental Strongholds, and more. We also offer individual mentoring, coaching, and counseling.